Philip Mote founded the Office of Washington State Climatologist in 2003 and continued as State Climatologist until July 2009, briefly serving as director of two state climate offices (Oregon and Washington). He has been an active member of the American Association of State Climatologists, attending every meeting but one since the 2003 meeting, which was held in Portland. He and his wife Audra spent part of their honeymoon in Oregon, at Crater Lake and on the coast.

Kathie Dello serves as deputy director of OCS.  She is an active associate member of the American Association of State Climatologists. Kathie came to us from upstate New York after trading in her snow shovel for a pair of rain boots. She claims that Oregon is the absolute best place to be in the summer.

Darrin Sharp provides IT support for OCS. This often involves hacking on the grotty bits of Linux using mysterious sounding commands like chmod, odump, grep, and crontab. He also contributes occasional content to the OCS website. In his free-time Darrin poses as a competitive mountain bike racer, and also likes to climb to the top of big rocks because they are there.

Rachel Calmer is a student assistant with OCS.