Links & Data

Daily Climate Graphs: long-term averages of daily temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and more

Recent  temperature and precipitation data compared with compared to normal over the last 30, 90, or 365 days at several Oregon locations from CPC.

Mountain Snow Depth Plotting: create plots of seasonal and monthly snow depth for 11 sites in WA and OR and have the option to constrain the data by warm, cold, or neutral ENSO years.

Create Custom NW Plots: interactively plot daily data from the last 10 years of temperature, precipitation, and much more from UW.

Ranking and trends in statewide average temperature and precipitation from NCDC.

N.W. Temperature, Precipitation, and SWE Trend Analysis: use the Google Maps interface to plot stations represented by circles, which are scaled and color coded based on trend. Click on the station or circle to view the corresponding graph.

CLIMVIS: create graphs of temp, precip, and more from NCDC.

National Diurnal Climatology: monthly graphs of hourly average temp, precip, dewpoint, wind, and sky cover.

WRCC Climate Division Plotting: Create time series plots of monthly precipitation and temperature by climate division.

CDC U.S. Climatologies: Create time series plots of daily, weekly, and monthly temperature and precipitation from 1950 – 1999 for various stations around Oregon.

Daily and monthly extremes for OR cities from the four National Weather Service offices that cover Oregon: PortlandPendletonMedford |Boise

PRISM climate mapping: high-quality spatial climate gridded data sets from Oregon State University

Northwest Observational Data: from University of Washington

Oregon Monthly Summary data lister: Monthly temperature and precipitation for COOP stations in Oregon from WRCC

Wind Rose Plots for 8 stations in Oregon: From USDA

Climate trends plotter: From Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) plot timeseries of temperature and precipitation for states and climate divisions

Neighboring State Climate Offices:

Office of the Washington State Climatologist
California State Climatologist
Nevada Climate Office
Idaho State Climate Services
Western Regional Climate Center