Oregon Climate


Oregon’s climate can mostly be classified as mild. Two major geographic features dominate the climate in the state: the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Range. The mountains of the Cascade Range act as a divide between the western and eastern sides of the state. Statewide, the coldest day of the year tends to be around [...]

Satellite Images


The enhanced infrared images display color-coded temperatures of the earth’s surface or highest atmospheric cloud layer. Higher clouds have progressive lower temperatures. Although high, cold clouds do not necessarily equate with strong storms at the surface, they are often indicative of deep, intense atmospheric systems. Forecasters use infrared images to distinguish the deeper, stronger weather [...]

About Us


The Oregon Climate Service The OCS is located on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon and is the state repository for weather and climate information. We are affiliated with OSU’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS). and the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI). OCS is an American Association of State Climatologists [...]

Oregon Climate Data

Three Sisters 285

NCDC data are now free of charge for download! Each station on the map below points to the NCDC and WRCC. This is the same historical data that existed on previous versions of the OCS website. The map below shows the location of National Weather Service Cooperative Observer (COOP) stations. This network of volunteer observers [...]